Summer in golden

In the Mountains

Hiking, Biking, Climbing, Trail Running, Helihiking, Skydiving, Paragliding

Goldens opportunities are endless. You can do almost any summer outdoor sports


The Rockies are one of the most famous Mountains in the world. It's a paradise for mountainlovers. There are many trails for hiking and mountaineering and rocks for climbing. Also as trail runner you will find challenging paths through the amazing nature. 


Golden is also famous for biking – Downhill and Mountainbiking. 



At the river

Rafting, Canoeing, Kayaking, Fishing

The Kicking Horse and the Columbia River merge in Golden. You can do any watersports like rafting, canoeing or kayaking.


If you like it silent check out the fishing spots. Or relax at the beautiful Blaeberry Valley. 


Wildlife Watching, Horseback Riding, Golfing, Motorized activities

Canada is famous for its wildlife. Golden is the perfect spot for wildlife tours. You can watch bears, mountain goat and sheep, deer, elk, coyotees and many other impressive animals. 


In addition Golden also has a Buffalo Ranch and a Wolf Center. Or if you want to explore untouched nature, Horseback Riding is the perfect activity. 


At the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort lives Boo the grizzly bear in a big enclosure. He roams around free and if you are lucky enough to get to see him it is certainly very impressive. 


If you like it loud and fast try the motorized sports in Golden. 

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